The Northern Coast

The Northern Coast
The Northern Coast--photo by Zack Thieman


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Here are some of my favorite pics from service and training

First bicicletada in my town, and public event I organized- May, 2012

Beach trip, March 2012

Out in the desert, riding to the beach. Photo by Zack Thieman March 2012

Mountains of Ancash, April 2012

Camping buddies, April 2012 (Keren's camera)

NATS youth group, March 2012

Beach Penguins, February 2012

Carnaval-Cajarmarca City, February 2012



shell fossils, above 10,000 feet in Amazonas

Kuelap, Amazonas December, 2011

NYE 2012, Chachapoyas, Amazonas

preparing cabrito, September, 2011

Host siblings and friends, September 2011

FBT boy band, August 2011

Christmas Eve, 2011

Chocolatada, December 2011

EIST December 2011

EIST December, 2011 World Aids Day

Skit for World Aids Day, Dec. 2011

Skit, World Aids Day

Adoring fans, World Aids Day

World Aids Day Skit
First Thanksgiving in Peru, 2011

My district November 2011

Local kids watching a volleyball game, Nov 2011

Field trip to archeological sites, October 2011

Mayor's birthday, 2011

Neighboring village home, September 2011

Youth Day, September 2011

Zack and I at the Spring/Youth Day celebration, 2011

Embarrassing celebrity status, Youth Day/First day of Spring, 2011

Sierran outfit for dancing Huayno, Sept 2011

Dance youth group, Sept 2011

Sept 2011

Impromptu English class, Sept. 2011

Cuy. Taste like chicken.

Host-uncle's fighting roosters

Near training, carrera de caballos for fiestas patrias, July 2011

Carrera de Caballos, July 2011

Training host aunt and host mom, site assignment day August 2011

Site assignment day, Peru 17, August 2011

Lindsey and Richard reading cards during FBT, August 2011

Learning how to make papas rellenos during training, July 2011

Host grandpa's house. Training host mom making Father's Day lunch, 2011

Training home, June 2011